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Download Avro Keyboard Latest Version 2021 Free is the first free Bengali typing software for Windows. Write in Bengali anywhere: write documents, spreadsheets, send emails in Bengali, chat in Bengali, write a blog in Bengali, or design websites in Bengali, anything is possible! Complete Unicode complaint. It supports all popular Bengali input methods: English to Bengali phonetic input, fixed input based on the keyboard layout, and Bengali input based on the mouse. The built-in keyboard layout editor also allows users to create new Bengali keyboard layouts or edit existing ones. The user-friendly interface, the simplest writing system, many writing automation tools, and free online support make it the most popular Bengali writing software today.

Download Avro Keyboard Latest Version 2021 Freed is flexible, beautiful, feature-rich, fully customizable, easy to use, and already has many typing automation tools you never imagined. Avro Keyboard, simply the best Bengali typing software, breaks all old records, removes obstacles, rewrites history, and restores tradition.

Download Avro Keyboard Latest Version 2021 Free lets you choose between different Bengali typing methods in a single-window so users can start typing as soon as the program starts. Inside is a floating preview window that allows you to see the converted phonetics in real-time. English speakers can use this app as it has English to Bengali translation and a built-in Bengali dictionary. With over 150,000 Bengali words in the catalog, it can also be used to check Bengali grammar.

Avro Keyboard Latest Version 2021 Features

  • Multiple keyboard layout support - Avro Keyboard Latest 2021 supports multiple keyboard layouts. All layouts are easily accessible from the keyboard layout menu. Currently, supported keyboard layouts are:
  • Probhat
  • Munir Optima
  • Avro Easy - An easy-to-learn keyboard layout from OmicronLab.
  • Bornona - The easiest Bengali keyboard layout we've come across so far! From "The Safeworks"
  • National (Jatiya): Bangladeshi standard Bengali keyboard layout, designed by Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC)
  • Automatic vowel formation: Unleash your typing speed with this great algorithm. In many cases, simply entering the vowel form kar / matra / short will automatically generate the full vowel form. You do not need to enter the link key. Detailed information can be found in the documentation.
  • This automatic vowel formation can also be left disabled in the Settings dialog
  • Old-style “Reph” - Although the Reph phonetic writing method is to write at the beginning of a consonant, this seems strange to users (and it happened!). Avro Keyboard now uses the Auto Reph feature which automatically moves the Reph to the beginning of a consonant / Juktakkhor (subjunctive) when you enter it at the end.
  • This old-style Reph can also be left disabled in the Settings dialog.

Link Download Avro Keyboard Latest Version 2021 Free

Requirements: Windows All Version
License: Free

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