CZUR ET-18 Pro book scanner Driver Download

CZUR ET-18 Pro book Scanner Driver Download For Windows And Mac - This document/book scanner is a workhorse and offers high quality scanning performance. If you're looking for an efficient and convenient way to scan your files, this product should be at the top of your list. With a sleek, compact design, choose between white, black, or grayscale for fast, error-free scanning. It's just the latest innovations. We are talking about a second generation laser curve flattening with ultra-fast scan speeds of 1.5 s / p.

CZUR ET-18 Pro book Scanner Driver Download For Mac OS And Windows is then equipped with Sony's 18 megapixel camera and ensures that you can finish scanning a 300-page book in just 10 minutes. That's ten times faster than your standard scanners. It has automatic scanning technology that makes it easier for you to work on books and documents. Just turn these pages and press the footswitch to activate the scans.

It has additional lighting. You have access to two high-quality additional lights, so that the scanning of glossy paper is not an obstacle. We only recommend that you turn off the dome light and only use the sidelights for this process. Finally, powerful OCR or OCR software is free for life. The software can read 187 languages ​​and allows you to edit your materials after they have been cropped and made some other adjustments.

Features Of CZUR ET-18 Pro book Scanner Driver Download

  • The CZUR ET-18 Pro Book Scanner is the smart choice for scanning up to A3 and has intelligent software for automatic image processing in seconds.
  • The CZUR ET-18 Pro Book Scanner is the definition of intelligent scanning with image recognition, straightening, cropping, reducing and dividing of pages.
  • With an 18-megapixel image sensor developed by Sony, you can capture vivid, high-quality images with just one click. There is also adjustable LED overhead lighting, as well as a unique removable light bar that reduces reflections and glare on shiny surfaces.
  • The automatic processing power of the software included with the CZUR ET-18 Pro is ideal for scanning books and minimizes post-processing and editing so your images are ready to use right out of the box.
  • Other benefits include the ability to create word-searchable PDF files. Easy to create, find facts in captured documents in seconds.
  • The compact, innovative and affordable CZUR ET-18 Pro book scanner Driver Download is the ideal solution for any library, archive or any other historical setting that needs to be digitized.
  • Professional Czur et18-p document scanner, quick recognition scanner, 18 MP high definition, a3 size capture, 186 OCR languages, patented "laser-based image flattening" technology
  • The patented "laser-based image flattening" technology offers high-quality scan results for professional use. Digitize books without solving them!
  • Fast and high resolution: The scanning speed is up to 1.5 pages / second and the image resolution is 18 MP.
  • 10 LED lights + 2 additional lights that provide sufficient exposure and make the scanned document shadow-free for the best scan results
  • Convert paper materials to PDF, Editable Word and TIFF. Scan a wide variety of documents and objects up to a3 in size
  • supports Windows and Mac OS as well as 1 year warranty.

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